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Anti Moisture Powder

Anti Moisture Powder is a white powdered form chemical that is used for absorbing all the moisture content present in the plastic scrap material. The quantity of Anti Moisture Powder to be required depends on the moisture content present in the material. Anti Moisture Powder makes the amterial moisture free and improves its strength. The energy charge is reduced as it absorbs the moisture very fast, hence reducing your machine and labor charges. Anti Moisture Powder is also widely used for recycling material, damped plastic and degraded plastic of PP, LDPE, HIPS, Nylon and all other plastic grades during recycling, moulding, blowing process (film blowing, plastic blowing, plastic injection, plastic extrusion, salivation).

Importance of Anti Moisture Powder
  • The end product is solid and does not have any porosity
  • Improved surface finish of the plastic granules
  • Increases production
  • Reduces machine load
  • Increases the strength of finished product
  • Minimizes air block inside recycling die/ mold, Minimizes production wastage
  • Controls production related problems in worn out screw & barrel to an extent
  • Reduces cost of production